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Reviewer: James Cox
Title: The Usborne Book Of Poems For Little Children
ISBN: 514266
Review Date: April 2007
Poetry is a part of every child's cultural legacy and to instill a love of poetry within that child is to establish a foundation for a life-long appreciation of what the written word can do. "The Usborne Book Of Poems For Little Children" is an ideal introduction for preschools to the joy and fun of language expressed in simple, entertaining verse. Compiled by Sam Taplin and colorfully illustrated by Masumi Furukawa, here is a compendium of poetry that is perfect for parent-child bonding, rainy-day entertaining, and reading skill development. 'Mud': I like mud./I like it on my clothes./I like it on my fingers./I like it in my toes.//Dirt's pretty ordinary/And dust's a dud./For a really good mess-up/I like mud. – John Smith
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